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Lower Resin Costs

For years, the plastics world was held captive by a select few domestic resin suppliers.  Now Asia produces it's own ultra-high quality resins, at competitive savings.  We use only the highest quality feedstocks, exceeding U.S. quality standards for both performance, and Food Contact Safety, as outlined by the USDA.  A better product at a better price.

Lower Production Costs

We manufacture in Taiwan, the  most technologically advanced  country in Asia.  Low cost of labor, plus the finest quality production means outstanding value for you.

Daily Shipping

Overseas shipping has become more reliable, timely, and regular than land shipping.  With multiple ships arriving daily, your delivery is never delayed.  Our shipping time from Taiwan to Los Angeles is 10 days.

American Design Standards

Packaging design requirements differ all over the world.  That's why we control tooling design and material specifications to conform to the highest U.S. standards.

After all we've been doing this for over 20 years, right here in the U.S.









Online Account Status

Up to the minute account status, secure and online.  See below.


Lowest cost inland freight.

Inland shipments are handled efficiently by daily dedicated stack trains, that run direct to the Chicago hub for distribution.  Guaranteed 4 day delivery from the west coast.

Look Online Now!

Take a look at what our customers see when they check their account status. Up to the minute, and comprehensive.  Click the computer on the left to see a sample screen from ABC Company, and see what you're missing.


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