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This is the entrance for the online account information for current customers of C&L America Inc.  You can check your order status, inventories, and scheduling...all online.

Have your password ready, to log into your online account information.

If you're not a customer, and you'd like to see a sample customer info page, when requested, enter the password "sample" without the quotation marks.  Check out some samples of the kind of information that can be provided online.  Simplify your purchasing, receiving and order tracking.  Each data page is custom constructed for your particular needs.  You can have open access to them all, or have any or all of them password protected to manage your information within your company on a "need to know" basis.  It's the most advanced online tool in the industry, and you get it free with C&L America Inc.

If you lose your password:  If your password becomes lost, or is compromised in any way, notify C&L America Inc. immediately by calling 630-717-5400.  Your password will not be re-submitted back to you.  In all cases a new password will be generated and available within 48 hours, and access to the old password pages will be blocked immediately upon notification.  Please guard your password well.

Unauthorized usage, or attempted usage by other than customers and invited guests is strictly prohibited.  Sharing of passwords with unauthorized personnel, competitors, or any organization or corporation other than those to whom the passwords were issued by C&L America Inc.,  will result in immediate blocking and permanent removal of that password and related web pages. Attempts to enter, or defeat the security measures on this websight will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  See our legal page for further information.