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Who are we.....

C&L America Inc. is an American thermoforming and design company with offshore AND domestic east coast production capability, that makes us the low cost supplier of high quality thermoformed packaging to the U.S. market.  One of our largest market segments is contract production for domestic thermoformers.  We have been in the thermoforming business for over 30 years, designing and developing packaging for every segment of the food industry, specializing in servicing the needs of the Fortune 100 food companies down to small regional packer processors with just-in-time delivery.  

We produce in PET, Polypropylene, PLA and OPS materials, with state of the art forming equipment. 

With our new global economy, the cost savings of offshore production are now just too significant to ignore, and with supply lines as reliable and regular as domestic production, there's no longer any reason not to take advantage of the startling cost savings available.

We bring you American design, American standards, and USDA approved materials, plus the savings of offshore production.  Pricing is quoted "as delivered" to your door.  Know your bottom line with no surprises, and no added paperwork.  

Let us review your present packaging usage, and show you the immediate cost savings available through us.  We can duplicate your present package, or design a new container to your specifications.  Tooling is inexpensive, and the entire cycle from prototype to production can be done in most cases in 30 days.


We can set up a warehousing program just outside your door, for "Just In Time delivery.