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If you've been thinking of going GREEN, but have been shocked by the price of Biodegradable packaging, we have the answer for you.  Our items are real PET and Polypropylene, recyclable, biodegradable, and retain all the toughness of the parent resin.  No need to worry about premature degrading.  Not affected by elevated temperatures, sunlight, or moisture.  The greenest package is re-usable, or if not re-usable then recyclable.  If not recycled, then biodegradable wherever it's disposed of.  Our packages have it all.




How does it compare to PLA?


Why is this the best BIO answer?







  • Be the first in your product category to have 100% Biodegradable packaging - What a marketing SPLASH!

  • COSTS similar to standard PET and Polypro

  • 100% Biodegradable, and 100% recyclable with standard PET and Polypro

  • Biodegrades in landfills, seawater, and even littered.

  • Same capabilities as standard PET and Polypro

  • Unlimited shelf life in storage and at retail.

  • Build your new projects with us, changeover to Bio anytime, we'll engrave your tools "Biodegradable" for free!

Already thermoform?  You can buy Bio-PET and Bio-Propylene rollstock from us as well.

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Already extrude?  We also sell the Bio-PET and Bio-Propylene additive online

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Now, everything we make in PET and Polypropylene can be made 100% biodegradable.  Did you know that corn based PLA doesn't biodegrade in a landfill?  Our resins do!  After all, that's where 90% of all packaging ends up!  

  Biodegradable, Microwaveable, Recyclable,  Bio-Propylene restaurant takeout package.

Call us for more info: 630-717-5400

Containers made from our Bio-Resins have unlimited shelf life, and are not activated by moisture, sunlight, or harsh chemicals or oils.  Only the microorganisms found in landfills and composting begin the process.  Plus they recycle with standard PET and Polypropylene, with no problems.  This is what you've been looking for.  Call us for a fact sheet.

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