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You have found the only real estate investment company offering a brand new sale leaseback program specifically designed for heavy industrial properties, offering operating leases that add no debt to the balance sheet.  Every other sector of the real estate market has been saturated with sale leaseback programs for every other property type except the one that really loses it's owner money.  The heavy industrial factory.  If you do heavy manufacturing in the U.S., and have closed a plant and tried to sell the property, you know what we mean.  You'll get pennies on the dollar, and it takes on the average 3 years to sell, if it sells at all.  Now you can get your money out, retain complete control, and even extend the lease for decades or repurchase the property, at a small fraction of the cost of a typical sale leaseback deal.  See if you're considered heavy industrial here.

If it makes financial sense for corporations to sell and lease back over 20 BILLION DOLLARS of their APPRECIATING prime retail and commercial properties yearly, how much MORE sense does it make to sell and leaseback property that depreciates to pennies on the dollar when sold?

Sale leaseback of commercial buildings has long been an invaluable tool for corporations to get debt off the balance sheet, and free up capital buried in real estate assets.  While a very few sale-leaseback investment companies and REITs say they deal in "industrial" real estate, a quick look at their portfolio reveals that "industrial" means distribution centers, warehouses, state of the art research centers, and light assembly plants.  It never means wood/metal/paper mills, heavy manufacturing and materials/minerals processing, chemical and coating operations and the like, unless it's a capital lease that adds debt to the balance sheet.  It's easy to identify these orphan  properties, because they are the ones that sell for pennies on the dollar once the parent corporation closes them.   We've developed the only unique sale-leaseback program aimed specifically at these properties, to get as much equity out of your depreciating real estate before it becomes obsolete, with no added debt.

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