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BILLIONS IN ASSETS ARE DEPRECIATING AWAY THAT CAN TURN INTO WORKING CAPITAL WITHOUT ADDING DEBT TO THE BALANCE SHEET.  Manufacturing companies have a huge chunk of their capital tied up in their production facilities.  Unlike retail, drug and restaurant chains, or trophy office buildings and complexes that can easily be sold to waiting investors, there has been very little interest in these properties because of the poor return on investment, lack of rental market, and complete lack of resale market for these properties.  They are losers not only to their present owners, but to the investment community as well.

C&L America recognized several years ago that this was a poorly served market.  Over the last three years we have painstakingly developed a program unlike any other in the industry to serve the needs of the manufacturing sector, while maintaining an acceptable risk reward package for C&L.  We can turn these looser properties into millions in cash for your company, and do it at a similar cost of a conventional loan, only without adding debt.

THIS IS THE PERFECT WAY TO CAPITALIZE UNDERVALUED PROPERTY IN THE MERGER / TAKEOVER SCENARIO AND INCREASE COMPANY WORTH BY MILLIONS.  Because a huge chunk of capital is buried in manufacturing facilities, when a takeover, either hostile or friendly is a possibility, improving the balance sheet is the perfect way to increase company / shareholder value to prevent lowball offers.  Buyouts almost always devalue real estate in their offer, and now manufacturers have the solution with our program.  Since our sale - leaseback program is similar in cost to standard financing methods, and the properties can be re-purchased at a much lower price than originally sold for, this program can be done anytime without financial penalties to the corporation.