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Investment Criteria: 

  • We are the only investment company exclusively focused on manufacturing, and primarily the heavy manufacturing sector.  Metal, wood, pulp and paper mills, chemical coating and processing facilities, smelting and refining operations, along with all types of metal, mineral, and wood processing concerns typically categorized as heavy manufacturing including the production and processing of:  
    • Building Materials
    • Paper, Pulp, Wood Mills
    • Food and Rendering Plants
    • Construction Equipment Assembly and Component Manufacturing
    • Automobile Manufacturing and Supply
    • Tire, Rubber, Plastic, Packaging, and Petroleum
    • Aerospace and Defense
    • Factory Equipment/Industrial Machinery
    • Steel, Copper, Aluminum and Fine Metals
    • Plastics, Glass and Fibers

    The exact types of properties that depreciate to a fraction of their original cost when disposed of empty.  They sell very slowly, if at all for pennies on the dollar, and with the warehouse market severely overbuilt, they very difficult to lease even at giveaway prices.  These are the precise properties that should be dumped as soon as possible for the greatest economic benefit to the corporation.  However, for these very same reasons, the entire sale leaseback investment community has shunned these properties, leaving essentially no sale leaseback activity in the sector that needs it most, until now.

  • All clients must be investment grade (BBB-) as rated by Standard and Poor's, or Baa3 by Moody's, or have credit enhancements.
  • Real estate must be located in the United States or Canada, but corporate ownership can be worldwide.
  • There are no upper limits on size or number of facilities / locations per transaction.  Minimum transaction value is $5 million US$.