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WE'RE the one and only Heavy Industrial Sale Leaseback specialist  What makes us different from every other sale leaseback company out there, is that we focus on exactly the types of properties nobody else wants, the large heavy industrial facility that when vacated, is nearly impossible to sell.  The industrial landscape in the U.S. is littered with thousands of properties, some even abandoned, that have been shuttered by the exodus of manufacturing to overseas plants.  As we turn more and more into a service and light assembly economy, the resale market for obsolete heavy industrial sights is nearly non-existent. Real world examples include a paper mill on the eastern seaboard operating since 1898, valued at $172 million in 2002 when it closed, then sold in 2005 for 2.7 million, or a smelter on the west coast that sold as a business in 2001 for $155 million, when the new owner went bankrupt, the facility couldn't be given away. If you are in heavy manufacturing, then you've probably had the experience of trying to sell a facility once it became obsolete.  We have a better way.

WE'RE THE ONLY ONES THAT HAVE PUT TOGETHER A PROGRAM FOR THESE PROPERTIES THAT ADDRESSES ALL THE REASONS MOST COMPANIES DON'T WANT TO SELL THEIR PRODUCTION FACILITIES.  Our program will let you cash out of your heaviest production properties, and leaseback with an operating lease, allowing for fully tax deductible payments, and NO DEBT ADDED TO THE BALANCE SHEET.  At the conclusion of the initial lease, you have the option of purchasing back the property at tiny fraction of the original cost, or extend the lease up to 30 years at 1/10th the original lease rate, re-purchasing back at any time.  Your options are totally flexible, and locked in from the first day of the lease. 

To summarize:

  • NO inflated lease payments at the end of the initial lease.  Extensions guaranteed up to 30 years at 1/10th of the original lease cost.
  • NO lease increases for the first 13 years, and one market rate adjustment for the last 2 years of the initial lease.
  • NO disposal worries when the lease is up.
  • NO inflated price tag, when exercising the purchase option at the end of the initial lease, or at any time during the extended lease.  Sale price for the property will be a small fraction of the original sale.